AAC response to war

DyvoGra symbols for safety

Since March 2022 our AAC response to war was created: free downloadable posters with DyvoGra AAC symbols for safe behavior, evacuation or stress management in crises. This is due to the project initially supported by the Internation Renessaince Foundation and a crowdfunding at the Ukrainain platform Biggggidea. DyvoGra team created images relevant to crisis and made them free online for the development of Ukrainian AAC system.

Signs in other languages

We also gathered symbols and posters created by our partners all over the world to help Ukrainians with AAC needs to adapt been a refugee. Please find free symbols in different languages of Ukrainian refugees, basic sets to start to be aquainted with the language as AAC response to war.

If you`d like to donate to support free symbols for Ukrainian refugees or share your set of pictograms for free, please write to partnership@aac.org.ua

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