AAC in Ukraine

AAC in Ukraine is a community standing for assistive technologies for communication, speech therapy and reading promotion. We share an idea of communication without barriers and unite people around building a system ov alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) standards and practices in Ukraine

We stand for disability inclusion, that is the meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in all their diversity, the promotion of their rights and the consideration of disability-related perspectives, by United Nations definition and in compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities .

About us

AAC in Ukraine is an association of professionals and users. We are experts in assistive technologies for communication. We`ve been building user`s community integrating the best international practices for speech support. Our team was formed in 2018 as a non-profit institution to advocate for people with speech impairments, to provide free access to education and information using alternative and augmentative communication (AAC). Association consists of several NGOs and private members that share our values.


Communication is more than words. We help people communicate effectively, be connected and autonomous in social life using AAC means and solutions.

What we do

We teach to use sybmols and pictures, signs and gestures, sign language, digital solutions for communication. We also promote reading in children with special educational needs.

AAC provides connection to the world for people with speech impairmanets, autism, aphasia, cerebral palsey and other disabilities or developmental disorders. We`ve been building a national AAC system in collaboration with the government, partnering NGOS

In AAC in Ukraine we combined years of previous expertise to implement modern approach to social integration for people with disabilities. AAC could also be used for foreigners to study local languages, in emergence situations and the first aid, in rehabilitation after operations and traumas etc. We constantly research for AAC impact and represent Ukraine at the international events.

A community of AAC users, professionals, relatives, AAC advocates in Ukrainian social media is more than 10 000 people. We adapt international standards in assistive technologies for communication and create methodic recommendations for the state educational system.

Free online courses are availiable about AAC in Ukrainian at DyvoGra Youtube channel. Please see AAC Community current projects here

The war in Ukraine demanded an immediate respomce in 2022. See our posters with pictograms for safety and symbols of our partners for Ukrainian refugees.


We are driven by joy of helping people in their personal and professional growth. We respect individual autonomy and support people with speech disabilities, their families and professionals to maintain meaningful connections.

Our activities are grounded upon UN Goals of Sustainable Development

We keep principles:

  • Accountability

We are accountable to users and families, NGOs and local communities, educators and social workers we are working for creating the national evidence based AAC system.

  • Accessibility

Ensuring that persons with disabilities have access, on an equal basis with others, to information and communications, including information and communications technologies, systems and physical environment to reach them

  • Humanity and respect to dignity

Nothing for us without us. We share Leave No One Behind approach to eradicate inequalities and discrimination rising skills or supporting an ability to communicate, providing access to AAC means.


In 2020 a project of social partnership with international business and state educational institutions was awarded with a Partnership for Sustainability Award in Ukraine. The name of the project was  “Alternative and augmentative communication. Opportunities for therapy and social integration for people with autism spectrum disorder and speech inpairments”. As a result educational products with AAC and an online course for communicative partners were created. This free video course about AAC recorded within the initiative was viewed 20 000 times during just the 1st month.

In 2021 an app Digital Inclusion was created with the support of Huawei Ukraine and using expertise of the Ministery of Education and Science of Ukraine as a sustainable result of this partnership. We prepared the content and metodology. This tool is free for users and could be downloaded at dimobi.org.ua.

We adapt international standards in assistive technologies for communication and create methodic recommendations for the state educational system. In 2021 the first handbook about AAC in education was published by DyvoGra Social Enterprise for Ukrainian educators.


DyvoGra Social Enterprise logo

We use Ukrainian localized symbols created by DyvoGra Social Enterprise. Starting from 2015 DyvoGra team promotes assistive technologies in Ukraine and creates products for speech and communication development with own set of pictograms. Part of the profit is aimed to create free posters with pictograms to raise a culture of assistive technologies in communities, families and educational institutions.

Research and partnership

Research results about pictograms and signs usage are presented on national conferences and abroad, showing local expertise globally. We explore best AAC practices in Ukraine, share with colleagues and invite professionals from other countries to make lectures about AAC and assistance in communication for Ukrainian community.

We established educational partnership with Aldona Mysakowska-Adamczyk, President of organisation “Mówić bez Słów” , the Polish department of the world AAC organisation ISAAC. In a research field our experts take supervisions from prof. Stephen von Tetzchner, the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway and Olha Kochubeinyk, the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine. Find more at Research and partnership page

We are open to partnership with NGO, speech rehabilitation professionals, educational institutions and AAC suppliers.

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Please write us: partnership@aac.org.ua ,

WhatsApp + 380677213971, Hanna Usatenko, co-founder, partnership manager

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